An intense world.

I felt the urge to write about the Palestine – Israel situation. To the point where I knew it was going to be reactionary. I knew I was going to be part of a situation where the fog of war was a serious problem to whatever I was going to say. Am I part of the problem, spreading Israeli propaganda with unverified data? Am I part of the solution, calling for a nuanced response to vicious, evil terrorist attacks that demand a response?

After hearing the coverage from the last few days, I still feel justified in my reaction, but I want to properly think through my public response. I have an acquaintance from Palestine that has posts I want to respond to and I have policy opinions that I feel are correct. The (current year) method of immediate, public response shouldn’t be the norm. I want to build this outlet to be valued to the current debate, but not with idiotically rushed deadlines that don’t matter. This conflict isn’t ending tomorrow or, unfortunately, 10 years from now.

I hope you don’t rush either. Social media has made it that everyone feels the need to virtue signal ASAP. To show your personal response to worldly matters that they shouldn’t have to necessarily even worry about. Our democratic republic is fantastic because it enables those with time and expertise to properly think through what should happen. It is far from flawless, leading to geriatrics running the asylum, but I definitely don’t know enough about foreign policy to say what the best response should be here.

While I write my piece on the latest horribleness in the world, I want to just share some photos I took today on the road. My day job lets me drive around this beautiful state and New Hampshire’s foliage is something you shouldn’t miss. Sure there were “mass-holes” (I say with affection) on the road, but it was worth it for this bit of local beauty. Take a look around you this weekend before the leaves fall and be sure to turn off the news now and then.


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