See you next Tuesday, Joe.

Biden for President flag being held with 2020 scratched out and 2024 written over it

It seems the much unlooked-for day is shortly upon us. According to the Biden-friendly Washington Post, the President is likely to announce his reelection campaign as early as Tuesday.  

But unlike the Boston campaign announcement of his first serious challenger (and my own distant cousin)—Robert Kennedy, Jr.—Biden has not set New England in his rather faltering sights. Why Kennedy chose Boston is clear: it shares a media market with New Hampshire and poignantly embraces the histories of both his political heritage and America itself. Meanwhile Biden has vocally advocated for the elimination of New Hampshire’s ‘First in The Nation’ Primary status on account of his repeated electoral failures in the State.  

At least some Democrats have not capitulated to Biden’s moronic notions about New England’s declining role in politics. 

Furthermore, current reporting suggests that the President will not make this important announcement with one of the teeming rallies his opponents on either side of the aisle have already hosted, but with a pre-recorded video message. It seems indeed that the old man in the basement is resorting to his tricks of yesteryear. One can only wonder if he may also revive the black cloth mask and dangling plastic COVID screens for added campaign nostalgia. 

Joking aside, the timing of the suspected Tuesday announcement is meaningful. If Biden does formally initiate his reelection campaign next week, he foregoes the strategic benefits which many in the media had previously credited to him. Whereas it was once thought that by delaying the announcement he would effectively asphyxiate potential competitors by denying them the chance to attack his administrative record directly, a change of plans would ostensibly lay him bear to the slings and arrows of ravening outsiders like Kennedy. 

If the rumors about Tuesday are true, something must have taken place to change the political calculus. The triumphant arrival of a serious adversary (who has already captured 14% of the Democrat electorate) cannot be ignored as a potential cause, although the precise thinking remains nonetheless unclear. 

On the other hand, we are talking of a man who struggles to spell the word “eight,” so any explanation remains on the table, no matter how eccentric or incoherent it may be. 

Whatever may happen, we are surely in for something noteworthy over the coming week. So, Mr. Biden, we’ll see you next Tuesday (pun intended).