Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire – Finally got the shot!

On my many trips up north to Conway and beyond I had seen Chocorua Lake with the gorgeous view of the mountains that surround it. Every time I think, “on the way back I’m going to stop and get a photo of that view.”

Secret about that spot… When you are heading south on Route 16 you don’t see it! You have to be going north or know where you want to stop.

This weekend, my wife was driving us to Conway and it was actually a clear, blue skied day. I asked her to take a right onto Chocorua Lake Road in Tamworth, New Hampshire so I could FINALLY get the shot of the ice covered lake with snow capped mountains.

Take a look at them here, shot with my Olympus OM-D1 Mark III. If you would like a print of anything, please email!


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