Iowa Down, New Hampshire to Go.

The Iowa Republican caucus is in the can and now the candidates have their sights set to New Hampshire (God, help us). I don’t put too much faith in the usefulness of the caucus system, but the fallout of this one is unique. The field is suddenly thinned out in a way that reveals the field and confirms my predictions of some candidates.

First and foremost, Trump won by more than fifty percent. He’s likely going to win the nomination. I’m still not happy about it and it is boring to talk about. Moving on…

Vivek Ramaswamy dropping out was inevitable. He immediately endorsed Trump, which would only be surprising if you were a half asleep Joe Biden, nodding off in the ice cream line. He played his part magnificently for the likely VP or cabinet position he is destined for in a “Donald Trump 2: Electric Boogaloo.” His slimy brand of political plagiarism (and literal plagiarism in multiple instances) turned this former pharma executive into a powerful MAGA operative. Any concept of actually running for president was strictly in case Trump didn’t make it due to health or criminal roadblocks. He is now on the yellow brick road to whatever nonsense happens in 2028.

The Koch machine is backing Nikki Haley and they are dumping that sweet, sweet billionaire cash with every mailer company they can send. I personally view this as a cynical political move, more than an ideological move. Haley is the one that can get financial backers on her side, is centrist enough to get Democrats sick of Biden interested, and Neo-con enough to get normie conservatives that hate Trump to give her a look. This might be enough. This might break the Great Trump Barrier and get us to another era of modern politics. I just do not believe it and am against so much of what she stands for. The Bush days are gone and that is what she is a continuance of.

Ron DeSantis getting second place is the real story here. I’ve always said that we don’t know what’s going to happen until the votes come in. There are countless anecdotes from early states platforming candidates that didn’t look viable (Thanks, Obama). Republicans and (small “L”) libertarians love the guy. HIs solid track record in Florida with getting actual conservative lawmaking done and fighting the “woke” left-wing movement has been a tremendous success. The problem is that he is an utter dork that doesn’t mobilize the essential players required for a grassroots movement. He is also so awkward that high level supporters dump him after their first one-on-one meeting. Politics in 2024 requires smoother operators with big mouths. DeSantis is a true believer with a track record. I guess if I had the answer to make him rise in the polls I would be a campaign manager and not someone writing an article like this. If you are for a new moment in conservative politics, I believe you should give him another look.

No matter what you believe, please get out there to vote on January 23rd. If you are Democrat, show the DNC that the FITN still matters. If you are a Republican, stand your ground on this honed lineup.

Iowa Down, New Hampshire to Go.


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