Definitely check out Castle in the Clouds

The family had a beautiful Sunday to fill and I checked out the Concord Public Library to see what Museum Passes were available (a fantastic thing to check out at your local library!). I found Castle in the Clouds on the list and had flash backs to the fifteen million times we said, “we should check that out at some point…” Well, we finally did. Even if you can’t find passes to reduce the cost, it isn’t crazy and it is worth the price of admission.

The beautiful Sunday drive brought us to a sprawling field at the base of the mountain where they happened to have an artist fair in progress, be sure to check out the events section of the website. Then we walked over to the (shockingly large) carriage house to catch the trolley up to the mansion, which is at the end of a twisty, narrow road.

The mansion is beautiful with a breathtaking view of the lakes region, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Inside you will find plenty of early 1900’s (rich people) decor and amenities that leave not terribly shocked the original owner ran out of cash (the introduction video is a riot when you consider that is how the story ends).

The visit to the mansion takes around an hour and a half, but there is also an on site restaurant and lots of hiking trails that can make the experience last at least a half day. My crew says, “give it a visit!” Learn more at and check out my photos below!


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