Independence Day

Eagles Club in Concord, NH at sunset

Happy Independence Day!

A holiday that I hope makes people reflect on this country that I view with fervent patriotism. It is a country designed to constantly change and improve over time. A country centered around individual liberty and Judeo-Christian values, yet without a single religion or ideology to rule them all. It is not forever centered around a single man or party, allowing the populace power over government. It is also not centered around raw democracy, ensuring the individual is not overrun by the madness of crowds.

So much of modern society is centered around what is wrong with our country. I think it is important to consider what is also right in it. The Constitution was written by men with questionable, personal ethics, but setup a system to allow it to be amended. It is a living document that should serve as the framework for our society, something rare on the world stage.

Today, let’s take a break from the culture war, politics, the news… Spend time with those you care about and make it special by sharing a meal or experience. Take advantage of the freedom you have.

Also, maybe read the Declaration of Independence to remember why we are not a colony of another nation:


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