The question of international conflict must weigh heavy on anyone that views themself as a liberty-minded patriot. That’s what is frustrating with the Ukrainian conflict. Russia is blatantly evil in their drive of territorial conquest over an independent nation. On the other hand, the United States’ idiocy over international relations makes my hair stand on end with frustration.

I’m not a war hawk, like the neocon poster child John Bolton, but I understand that international intervention is vital to democracy being sustainable on the world stage. One of my disagreements with Ben Shapiro, who’s podcast I religiously tune into, is his enthusiasm of intervention in the Middle East. As the major super power on the economic and military world stage, we need to make sure our goals are pushed forward in some, fairly aggressive, ways.

When it comes to Ukraine, I understood our sending them weapons and economic support. Russia needed to have some pushback to understand their mistake. Naively, I assumed their was extensive diplomatic back channeling. It appears that failed and after a year we shouldn’t fall into a sunk cost fallacy (or whatever bullshit the CIA and deep state is pushing for). At this point, for us to put anything but a push for a truce or vocal push for negotiations is a mistake, in my humble opinion.

To see individuals that my state viewed as leaders, people we should respect, call for more aggression in this international conflict drives me up the wall. I’m tremendously disappointed in seeing former governor John Lynch support call for support of direct action against Russia. To pull the “Hitler” card, event in a “maybe or maybe not” analogy is painful. We DO need a new strategy, but I would call for it to stop the charade of saying Ukraine can win this free and clear.

That is done.

Ukraine will need to give. Russia will, unfortunately, gain more territory. But this destruction of a sovereign nation might end. We should not throw trillions more onto our deficit for a corrupt nation that was a highlight of the Trump administration for its crooked money (funny how that is forgotten by left wing war hawks).

I’m done.

We need to force Ukraine to strike a deal. They will lose more territory and we need to stop this charade of adding Ukraine to NATO (unless we want to finally “shit or get off the pot”). Threaten to pull money. Threaten to stop sanctions on Russia. I don’t care. I’ve become apathetic and I want to fix our broken country’s drug, healthcare, and education problem more than I want to save Ukraine.


Check out former Governor John Lynch’s piece on the Union Leader: