Concord’s First Sunflower Festival!

I first want to congratulate Sunfox Farms for their successful move to Concord from Deerfield. I can’t imagine being an independent, local farmer in 2023, let alone moving to a new location in a post COVID-19 economic landscape. Greg and Amber did it though and brought their annual Sunflower Festival with them.

Sunflower fields are one of those things you see in the Instagram feeds, but to see one in person is something you should not pass up. It boggles the mind how so many bright plants an sprout so close together over such a large area.

Their annual festival hosts musicians, a handful of local venders, the chance to cut your own sunflowers (our harvest sits about 6” from me writing this), and a few food venders. I highly suggest you check it out. It is happening until August 20th (kids under 10 are free and only $10 for everyone else!) with tickets available at:

Click below to check out some of my photos from the event:


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