The problem of Neo-Nazis and Drag Queens

Host A. J. Kierstead gives his opinion on the neo-nazi “social club” appearance at the Teatotaller Cafe’s Drag Queen Story Hour in Concord, NH. “Juicy” drag queens are also a problem, though…

This opinion piece was published in the Concord Monitor and Union Leader with editing by contributor Dexter Tarbox.

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NSC-131, the disgusting neo-nazi “club”, recently reared its ugly head at the Teatotaller Cafe in Concord, New Hampshire in protest of their monthly drag queen story hour. As if I couldn’t be more annoyed at an individual called “Juicy Garland” (emphasis on “juicy” being pretty damn uncomfortable to me) reading books to kids, add a bunch of racist idiots in face masks, waving sieg heil, and showing threatening behavior to set me over the edge.

I am delayed in putting this together because I don’t want to be insensitive to the LGBTQ community. Ethically I am conservative, but my libertarian tendencies want to ensure adults can live their lives as they see fit. On the other hand I do believe it is problematic to see the ostentatious look of Garland being viewed as an example to young children. There is a pop culture shift to view what was once a fetish or cabaret performance to be a lifestyle. They are seen as figureheads for the new transgender movement.

With young children not understanding what this sort of thing means, and the unnerving reveal that many of these activists view “family-friendly” in terms of the “chosen family” definition, I am fearful for the long term psychological consequences of this cultural shift. Call me old school, but I think prepubescent children (that do not have psychological reasons to dive into it) should not be concerned with sexuality and the confusing nature of gender bending. As I learned in music school, learn the rules, break them later when you know why you are.

I am also delayed because I knew every member of the NH Democratic Party would use this to point the finger at the GOP for being a part of this fringe, illiberal NSC-131. Also, their anger at the quite rational concern that many on the right have that these are a bunch of “feds” or Antifa on the prowl.

I view the extraconstitutional views of any separatist organization to be antithetical to the founding principals of our nation. This is a country for everyone that is legally allowed to enter and cronyism goes against the nature of God-given rights of American citizens. This is a country for all races and creeds. I value the melting-pot ideology that was instilled in my by my family, church, school, and community. There are norms though. We should encourage single-partner relationships, raising of families, finding gainful employment that betters your community. This is nothing what NSC-131 is about though. They hide their identities because they know what they believe is viewed as counter to almost everyone in this “Live Free or Die” state. They hid their identities because no one would want to be associated with their hate.

Concord Mayor Jim Bouley’s statement, “I stand with and support the LGBTQ+ community in their fight for equal rights and acceptance,” is something I support.

Those on the fringes of society, so long as they don’t want to overthrow it, should be included. I would also hope that those individuals would see the value in our society and the majority culture. I think the latter has been seen as a problem by the loud minority on the left, causing violent language from the other side of the Overton window from NSC-131.

On the other hand, the chants of NYC marchers of “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” only rightfully emboldens their political rivals. I always say that politics and culture are stupid at the national level and this subject is the ultimate case study.

Don’t forget that “hate has no home here” exists for those on both sides of the political aisle. I promise to listen, as long as you are also willing to.


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