Three reasons the 2024 presidential election is a sign of the times

Three reasons the 2024 presidential election is a sign of the times

The current collapse of political norms was inevitable. It is apparent the neolib/neocon movement, the lukewarm attempt at “centrism,” has imploded and the parties are unwilling to create leaders with honest idealogical standards. It should surprise no one that many have concerns over possible black mail party leaders and lobbyists have over the octogenarians in DC. Factoring in the internet and how could you not end up with movements like MAGA and the BLM. There are three main symptoms that outline the failures we are seeing in 2024.

First, the Republican party is trapped by populism and exhaustion of the corrupt political system.

Trump is a mirror to the problems of our society. We didn’t end up with the orange middle finger because things were going well. Social media, legacy press, boomers refusing to be mentors and gripping to power, an evolutionary technological period, and a population that lacks purpose brings us here. He speaks in a way everyone understands, jokes about the craziness of it all, and makes no bones about his “screw you” attitude. A stand-up comedian that understands the system because his family has played in the world of the elites for generations. He is vulgar, upsetting, entertaining, and a product of the times.

Second, Democrats prop up individuals that are empty vessels of the winds of popular opinion and the Democratic party machine.

Biden is the stooge. The last man standing from the old guard. An easy, corrupt target for the MAGA and anti-establishment movement that allows Trump and RFK, Jr. to steal from his lack of momentum. Between his lackluster return to post-COVID normalcy, weak stances around foreign conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, persistent inflation, and obvious physical decline he is no longer able to make the argument that he the “return to normal.” Stir in familial corruption to just spoil the pot in ways that I can’t be bothered to unwind here.

Third, hypocrisy is the rule of the day and idealogical consistency is dead.

The “shall not be infringed” crowd celebrates Hunter Biden’s conviction while the alleged “anti-gun” crew calls it a miscarriage of justice and abuse of the legal system. The “democracy above all else” gang celebrates Trump getting nailed for a federal charge the feds didn’t charge him with while the “drain the swamp” cult think some old rich guy that has funded Democrats for decades is their only hope. Republicans are captured by populism and Democrats by the woke progressives.

What’s next?

Anyone that believes black and white political stances are going to fix anything at the national level is deeply mistaken. The Overton window in the legacy press has anyone right of AOC as a fascist and online media having anyone left of Ben Shapiro is a socialist. A recentering will take years, if ever. Federalism is the only way out. 

We have to recenter politics on the state and local level. The majority of the Granite Staters will not agree with the Golden Stater, let alone the average Angelino. Them crazy Texans can go as crazy pro-gun and pro-life as they want while them New Yorkers can infringe away while their goofy governors promote infanticide. The great resettlement can continue, so long as the transients understand the culture of their new homeland. The Constitution should return to being the guardrails, something an allegedly conservative SCOTUS should celebrate. 

I stand behind the concept that most Americans should not care about what the slime balls in DC are up to 99% of the time. It is their job to make the sausage and work with the weirdo on the other side of the aisle you will never agree with and lobbyist you want to pretend doesn’t exist. It has to happen. Maybe if we took some time to focus on the statehouse, we can feel like the wheels of democracy aren’t running us over most of the time.

The leaders we vote for at the bottom of the ticket in 2024 are often the future of Concord and DC. Make sure they have your best interests in mind and not whatever the party establishment  tells them to vote for.


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