Stone Zoo at Wintertime

We rolled the dice on a mild December day to see what the Stone Zoo is like during winter. It was a great success!

While others were fighting the crowds to get their Christmas shopping done, we had a blast checking out animals from around the world. I previously wrote about the other Zoo New England location, the Franklin Park Zoo, and their amazing Boston Lights. But for my family, the Stone Zoo takes the cake with a better location and selection of animals. A concern I always have with zoos and farms is how the animals are treated, but I was blown away with how clean and happy they all were. They had no fear of the people visiting the park, their homes were very well maintained, and appeared in great health.

Winter means some of the animals are not on exhibit, but you will be up close and personal with a flock of flamingos, hang out with some of the silliest gibbons, get some appreciation for some big cats like the jaguar and snow leopards, meet a pack of Mexican gray wolves, and a lot more. Definitely check out their demonstrations, you will find time cards in front of some exhibits. We had the chance to get really close to the barn owl while it enjoyed its weekly meal of quail. My nine year old got a kick out of that! It was also only a 55 minute trip, so us Granite Staters will find it a convenient way to spend the day away.

Learn more about Zoo New England at I highly suggest their annual family membership, it gives you unlimited visits to both zoos and discounts to other facilities. It pays for itself after around two zoo visits!

Check out some of my photos, click to expand:


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